Healing from stress

Healing from stress is one of the most poignant topics of today – why?

In our society, stress and anxiety are very prevalent, mainly due to how we choose to live our lives. Stress lowers your immune system making you more susceptible to illness, that is why a lot people get sick after they have been through something stressful in their lives.

Effects of Stress

The effects of stress also cause nerve damage, which then causes insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, headaches and pain in the body (just to name a few). So what is causing us to be stressed out? There are many factors that cause us humans to become stressed or anxious.

Healing from Stress with your Diet

Let’s talk about diet first. Consuming foods and drinks that contain caffeine and sugars – like breads, pastas and pastries, which turn to sugar in the body – cause the much needed calcium to go into overdrive and leach the impurities out.

When this occurs the nerve sheaths are worn down or eaten away causing the nerves to lose their energy and power. Without the sheath our nerves are like uninsulated electric wires, which finally short out and this is what causes the anxiety and nervous problems. Staying away from these processed foods and using herbs to heal and repair our nerves is essential, but that is only one piece the puzzle.

Healing from Stress with your Thoughts

Now I want to talk about thoughts. When we have negative thoughts reeling through our minds day in and day out this kind of negativity causes extreme stress on the body, mind and spirit. A lot of people take to exercising, which don’t get me wrong it is a great way to keep yourself healthy and strong, but if you are using it to run away from your thoughts and feelings then it will merely be counterproductive all together. It is very important to not judge your feelings as right or wrong as this can cause you to feel shame and guilt.

Allowing the feelings to come, and moving through the center of them with compassion helps you move through your feelings faster and without negative effects. Talking about your feelings, journaling or meditating are also very healthy ways to deal with feelings. When we don’t want to truly feel our feelings and we push them deep down inside or try and numb them they will manifest physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Healing from Stress by Living through your Heart Space

When we are true to our authentic selves and we stand in our own power, these nervous issues go away. We must always remember that we are responsible for our own happiness, health and well-being, and no one else. The more you live in your heart space the more your life will reflect that, everything from the work you do to the people that surround you in your life. So make sure that you do something every day that feeds you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!

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