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Nutrition & Weight Loss

The key to weight loss is feeding your body! Our bodies have two programed mechanisms called feast or famine. When we stop feeding our bodies with whole foods our bodies go into famine mode, thus holding onto all our fat that is stored up.

Most Americans are starving. When we fill our bodies with low nutrient foods such as dairy, meats, eggs, processed starches, sugar, etc. our cells are literally starving for nutrients. This leaves us deficient in essential vitamins and minerals because our cells now have to try and pull these vital nutrients from our organs, bones, and bloodstream.

​When we fill our bodies with raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and seeds our bodies are able to go into feast mode and therefore it lets go of the unwanted fat. You will also notice that you will be eating much more than ever before and losing the weight without even having to try.

By feeding our bodies high nutrient foods it is able to release toxins that it has been holding onto for years, making you a happier and healthier human being.

Prenatal Care

In our society today migraines, hemorrhoids, constipation, varicose veins among many others are seen as “normal” while you are pregnant. This just is not the case. Issues like these during pregnancy are caused by malnutrition.

Unfortunately women are being told to consume large quantities of meat and dairy along with over the counter prenatal vitamins that leach their bodies of much needed calcium, iron, magnesium etc. Americans consume the most dairy out of any country in the world and we have the highest osteoporosis rate!

Our bodies can only utilize vitamins and minerals from plant based sources. That being said we must only receive our essential vitamins from plants in their whole form.

If you are taking a vitamin supplement that has the break down of how much magnesium it contains along with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, folic acid, etc. then it probably  is not a high quality supplement.

It is just as damaging to be deficient in vitamins and minerals as it is to be overloaded in them. The fact is that we are not all built the same and our nutritional needs vary. When we consume a plant in its whole form our bodies get to decide how much it needs and it will expel what it doesn’t.


When we do not take optimal care of our bodies we cannot expect them to create a healthy child. Americans spend thousands upon thousands of dollars each year trying to conceive.

We must start looking at the core issues! Its all about what we are feeding our bodies. Your body cannot create or sustain

life without the right tools.  If you don’t feed your body with high nutrient foods and heal the weak areas with herbs it cannot do what it was made to do. 

Our bodies will always lean towards healing, it just needs the right herbal tools.


Migraines and headaches are mainly caused by constipation, eye strain, stress, dehydration, hormone imbalances or circulatory issues.

Pain is the the bodies way to indicate to us that something is wrong. By taking prescription pain medications this only shuts off the bodies way to communicate with us and does not solve the problem.

There is an imbalance somewhere in the body and until it is repaired by the use of herbs and good nutrition the headaches and migraines will continue.

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