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Our bodies are truly wise. When our bodies create a fever it stimulates the immune system which won’t allow the invader to multiply, that is why there are varying degrees of a fever. Once the invader stops propagating the body temperature will stop rising. When you give aspirin or tylenol it shuts off this essential communication within the body, there for allowing the virus or bacteria to be harbored. A fever should never be shut down! This is a time where supportive care of the body is essential.

*If your child has a high fever following a head injury or a vaccine call your doctor.*


Asthma is caused by excess mucus in the lungs which makes it hard for them to function properly. We get this unwanted amount of mucus from eating the wrong foods such as dairy, sugar, eggs, meat and processed starches. So having said that asthma is 100% preventable! By taking the right herbs and eating the right foods you can completely repair the lungs and rid the body of unwanted mucus.


The peristaltic muscle is responsible for moving fecal matter out of the colon. Foods such as dairy, meat, sugar, eggs and processed starches actually paralyze this muscle causing the fecal matter to remain in the body. Our feces are full of toxins and the issues that arise from being constipated are endless. Diarrhea is a sign of extreme constipation. This is caused when only the eliminatory fluids are passing through and not the fecal matter. Chemical laxatives are counterproductive and only cause more issues. When we eat whole foods and utilize herbs that target the bowels the peristaltic muscle can be repaired.


Most of the food in today’s diet raises our children’s blood sugar levels. When you consume processed starches and dairy they turn to sugar immediately in the body, which then raises your glucose levels. This will cause a high and an inevitable low. During these times your child may experience an energy rush, raised heart rate and an inability to think clearly to name a few. 

When we clean up our diets and drink plenty of distilled water we can repair the parts of the body that are affected by stress. Constipation plays a huge role in hyperactivity, thus cleaning up the bowels is also essential.

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. We do a lot of healing while we sleep.

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