Vsl #3

Vsl #3

VSL #3 is the Most Powerful Probiotic on the Market Today:

It surprises a lot of people to learn that taking a probiotic can improve their overall health and boost their immune system. The surprising part comes through learning that most probiotics come in an easy-to-take capsule form. You may wonder why, if a probiotic is so simple to purchase and easy to take, more people are not turning to probiotics for better health. There are numerous reasons this is so. Top on the list is that most products on the market today simply do not have the potency that you’ll find in VSL #3. That means the results they experience in taking a probiotic may not be exemplary. The vast majority of probiotics contain too few cultures and only one or two strains. Here’s where VSL #3 is different:

Most probiotic capsules being sold today are made from a single strain as they have been produced from a single fermented food. VSL #3 contains 8 strains of live, freeze-dried bacteria, making it far superior to other products. The fact is that a single strain probiotic is adequate for consumption- but do you want to be satisfied with a product that is adequate? Multi-strain probiotics bring more beneficial effects to the table, since each strain has been singled out to perform a specific function in the digestive health of humans.

Most available probiotics deliver millions of live bacteria to the digestive system. VSL #3 delivers 112.5 billion live bacteria- and since the recommended dosage is two capsules, one dose of VSL #3 delivers 225 billion live, beneficial bacteria to add to the health of your gut flora every single day.

Something else VSL #3 can do that other probiotics can’t- deliver live bacteria directly to the colon instead of the upper digestive tract. This is due to the fact that our exclusive strain combination was chosen for its ability to survive the strong acidic conditions of the stomach- an issue most probiotics are unable to deal with. Colonizing the colon is essential in establishing complete digestive system health and healthy immune function. Our product is superior to all other probiotic products being sold today. That’s not just our opinion- science backs up our claims.

We have specifically chosen several strains of bacteria that are able to survive gastric acid, bile, and pancreatic secretions in order to more completely colonize the entire digestive system. You’ll experience the benefits in a short amount of time after you begin following a daily regimen of taking our VSL #3.

We’re pleased to offer our newest probiotic, VSL #3 at a great price. Compare the costs of taking a probiotic with a single trip to the doctor’s office and you’ll understand why our customers consider VSL #3 an investment in protecting their health and finances. Click the ‘Shop’ link on our website to purchase capsules or unflavored sachets. Whichever way you prefer to take our VSL #3, we are confident you’ll find it to be a powerful tool in achieving and maintaining good health.

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Vsl #3

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