Testosterone Replacement Therapy Near Me

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Near Me

Forty-three percent of women and 31 percent of men have some sexual dysfunction due to hormonal imbalances. The main culprit for these issues is testosterone. Testosterone therapy is popular in treating a range of sexual problems. Testosterone replacement is, however controversial for women and needs thorough research to complete the entire procedure.

Men with some form of androgen deficiency benefit significantly from testosterone or TRT procedures. The choice of testosterone hormone therapy has a basis on the patient’s medical condition and personal preference. However, it is the practitioner’s job to discuss all the treatment requirements, so you are fully aware of all possible outcomes. We prepare our patients to learn and get ready for testosterone replacement therapy near me.

Five reasons to choose us for testosterone therapy

Comprehensive tests

The best and most recommendable type of hormone replacement for men depends on your particular blood work. We must check your hormone composition to ascertain your specific hormone replacement procedure.

Preparation steps

The blood tests are only the groundwork for testosterone replacement therapy. There are a few extra steps for you to get the right replacement strategy. Most stations recommend that patients take blood thinners at least a week before the therapy. We take all patients through a great deal of preparation so they can get the right body and mindset for a healthy recovery.


We create a custom therapy plan for you before you enter our office. The actual day will have minimal tests to ascertain that your body is still in tip-top shape. However, we take time to study your body so we can introduce the hormone to the right part of your body. It is best to insert the pellet or injection needle into a fatty tissue for the best absorption. The entire process should not take more than twenty minutes with our experienced therapist.

Follow-up steps

We are careful about ensuring the healing of the insertion wound. It is impractical to ask patients to stay in the facility until they can remove the bandage. Therefore, we advise that you carefully peel off the cover after 24 hours.

We are available is you notice any signs of a wound.  It is a good idea to contact the office if you do not know how to judge the healing phase. In most cases, it is best to avoid strenuous activities, bathtubs, and swimming pools within the first two days.

The AACE recommends monitoring patients after therapy with physical and mental exams. Generally, female candidates needing critical observation have a watch for virilization, breast changes, blood cell count changes, and endometrial changes.  

Quality treatment

There is an industry-standard for proper testosterone replacement therapy for men and women. Is testosterone therapy safe? The goal of Elevate Miami is to restore your hormones with no or little side effects. We update our array pf pellets, injections, and other therapy formulas to give you a proper delivery and hormone recovery experience.

Our body hormones are as unique as our personas. It is best to have a treatment path that will create the right balance for your body—schedule consultation to speak to any of our hormone experts at 305-359-5569.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Near Me

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