Lemon - (GRAS) Health Fusion Lemon (Citrus limonum) 100% Pure essential oil is Organically grown in the United States & is extracted from the peel using ONLY a cold pressed (without added heat) extraction method to yield a more beneficial & therapeutic oil than a steam distillation method. Lemon oil has a characteristic, uplifting, fresh, bright, tart, citrusy aroma & is one of the best oils for the workplace as it’s been shown in studies to increase worker efficiency, focus & mood! Lemon is also one of the top oils for overall cleansing or as an astringent for varicose veins, tightening the skin & cellulite. Lemon has also been used for acne, warts, boils or liver & gall stones. Lemon is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial & is used for cold, flu, to stimulate the immune system & as an antiseptic.