My philosophy

As a Master Herbalist, I believe in assisting the body not overriding it. I believe in working on the cause of an illness rather than the symptoms. I specialize in healing the body with herbs, whole foods, meditation and Reiki. We are multidimensional beings and as such to truly heal we must look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. 


I will inform you of what foods and herbs to consume and which to stay away from. I will teach you healing meditations that open up your chakras, awaken and ground you, helping you to become your highest self.

I offer transforming Reiki sessions to help you heal on the deepest levels. My goal is to teach and to educate so that you can become a healthier human being and be the catalyst for change within your own families and community.


I never use herbs that are habit forming, toxic or have side effects. Only wildcrafted, certified organic or therapeutic grade herbs will be used for healing.