Massachusetts Drug Rehab Center

Massachusetts Drug Rehab Center

Recovery specialists suggest choosing a Massachusetts drug rehab center that can offer you holistic services based on your personal recovery goals. Conventional treatment for addiction doesn’t always lead to lasting recovery; with Dual Diagnosis treatment at Baystate Recovery Center, you can stop living in fear of a relapse after leaving rehab. We offer treatment in an outpatient environment that many feel is more effective than residential rehab in certain situations. If your home life prevents you from getting help for addiction, we invite you to contact our staff today at 855-887-6237.

3 Myths You May Have Heard About Addiction

1. Recovery never gets any easier. The truth about addiction is that it can be managed by treatment and skills learned in rehab. While you may always struggle with concerns about relapse or feelings associated with addiction, recovery does get easier over time. Don’t let anyone discourage you from believing that you have a bright future ahead of you when you get help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Reach out to our Massachusetts drug rehab center now to speak with recovery experts who can guide you to a program that fits your busy life.

2. Detox is too hard- you probably won’t make it through to the end. Ignore people who point out the difficulties in making positive changes in your life and take courage in knowing that addiction is treatable. With MAT treatment, also called Medication-Assisted Treatment, you’ll be kept comfortable and safe while going through detox. Comfort meds make a big difference in success rates in rehab facilities; if you need a safe place to go through withdrawals, Baystate Recovery Center can help you get connected with our PHP program, a highly structured day treatment option that can empower you to overcome addiction.

3. You’ll never recover what you’ve lost through addiction, even if you’re able to get clean and sober. On the contrary, many patients who undergo addiction treatment experience a better quality of life after rehab compared to before. A full recovery is possible with help from our team at BRC; the fact is, you can do anything you put your mind to, including fully restoring and reclaiming your life from the damaging effects of alcohol or drugs.

Don’t listen to the myths, lies, or fraudulent information about addiction and recovery. Find out first-hand how treatment can help you heal from addiction and experience a new future where addiction has no place.

Contact Our Massachusetts Drug Rehab Center Today

What’s keeping you from calling Baystate Recovery Center? Recovery experts await your call and look forward to guiding you as you take the first steps on the path to freedom from addiction. While on our website, feel free to check out information about insurance for rehab, blog posts, and helpful articles about addiction and recovery programs offered by BRC. We can offer you a level of care that is ideal for your recovery needs when you commit to one of our programs at Baystate Recovery Center in MA.

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Massachusetts Drug Rehab Center

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