Herbs To Quit Smoking

Herbs To Quit Smoking

The CDC has about 14 cases of cigarette smoking among every 100 adults. 68% of these numbers always want to quit but do not have the means or know-how to do so successfully. Many smokers will first resort to medical prescriptions to suppress their urges before they are open enough to try natural approaches.

Natural remedies to help you quit smoking have proven to be more effective because they have minimal side effects, alongside the more promising results. We prescribe herbs that curb cravings by dealing with the deep underlying chemical and biological issues that sustain the urge long after you stop smoking. In addition, these herbs help to detoxify the body of all harmful residue, so you have stable health and more capability to repair tissues and solve unseen complications like irritability and confusion.

Benefits Of Using Herbs To Help You Stop Smoking

There are many different Eastern medical programs to help stop a smoking habit and repair the tissues. Some herbs keep the system flooded with micronutrients that diminish the craving and reduce the chances of developing complicated issues like COPD. We do not recommend that you go by any advice you find online. Instead, invest in a professional that will offer you the safest options for your overall health and supplementary remedies to treat conditions like bad breath and toxicity in the breathing system.

Herbs That Help To Quit Smoking

Quitting a smoking habit is potentially as challenging as stopping any other kind of drug. The following are some tried and tested herbs that have proven to be nature’s way of lending a hand to stop the habit. Some of them include:


Catnip is a popular herb that eases withdrawal symptoms because it contains antispasmodic and antibiotic properties to ease anxiety, irritability, and cramps, among other issues. You can use catnip as a tea or tincture or add it to your daily dose of water with a bit of lemon for extra flavoring.


The powerful herb eases the anxiety that is causing the craving and works to calm your mind to develop long-term wellness. You can use the herb to relieve different kinds of other things right before you go to bed by making it into tea or taking the capsule form.


Lobelia can be controversial because it also goes by the name Indian tobacco. It does imitate some of the properties seen in tobacco, but herbalists use it because it is less addictive and has reduced toxicity compared to the nicotine in cigarettes. Additionally, it is excellent in reducing anxiety, muscle tension, and nervousness, whereas cigarettes only harm the nervous system in the end.

Korean Ginseng

It is the most popular herb for quitting cigarettes because it allows the body to deal with the stress and anxiety triggering the addiction. The powerful adaptogen also helps the body release stress vital balance processes and reduce the nervousness associated with a long-term smoking habit.

So which alternative therapies to reduce nicotine dependence should you take for fast and effective results? We have three consultation packages for you to find the correct answer. Contact us or book a session on more information about quitting smoking naturally.

Herbs To Quit Smoking

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