Herbs For Anxiety And Depression

Herbs For Anxiety And Depression

Herbal therapies are becoming a lot more popular now that people embrace the power of nature, natural self-care, and holistic healing solutions. A team led by one professional at the National Center for Health states that their study shows at least 20% of all adults and children use herbal medicine once every year. The excitement for herbal medicine will continue to grow as people realize many other ways to heal their physical and mental state without spending any money. The only problem is that most people do not know how to avoid the erroneous practices of herbal remedies and will jump onto a couple of different herbs to soothe anxiety without learning the safest ways to consume them.

Is Herbal Treatment Effective For Anxiety And Depression?

Most plants that offer therapeutic value could help with anxiety and a stressful mind state. People suffering from mild to severe anxiety can get a medication that works great for them if they work with a specialist who has deep knowledge of the craft. Maui Herbalist has years of assisting people in healing from several ailments and has researched several alternatives that have a complementary effect on anxiety disorders.

What The Evidence Says

The role of calming herbs is to offer a nutritional supplement that assists with psychological treatments. Remember that these medicines can contain many nutrients, minerals, and substances that positively affect the nervous system. The following is a list of herbs for anxiety and depression, so you can get an idea of what we may recommend when you book a consultation.

Herbs For Stress And Anxiety


Kava is a diverse herbal supplement available as a powder, capsule, liquid, and other extracts. It is a standard recommendation for stress relief when working with a professional who prescribes the correct dosage because excessive amounts can be tough on your liver.


Many people have reported less stress and anxiety by taking valerian. Valerian is a native flowering plant from Europe, which you can use as a tincture tea after drying the roots. More studies show that the Valerian herb supplement is also suitable for reducing headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness.

Nutritional Elements

Several elements can improve anxiety, and evidence suggests that taking them will reduce anxiousness. Magnesium, omega 3, vitamins A, E, and C positively affect the nervous system because they better the chemistry and realign how your brain works.

Warnings About Using Herbs For Depression And Anxiety

Supplements and herbs have excellent results, but they can also offer the opposite when you take them without expert prescription advice. The herbs you buy online from a random store will give you the results you seek, but the high amounts will strain the body’s immune system, cause kidney or liver damage, and imbalance other systems such as your digestive or breathing.

Sarah Madsen is a holistic herb and reiki teacher who has a natural intuition and talent for letting the body heal itself. Contact her or get started by booking a 30, 1-hour, or 2-hour consultation session online to get started on a guide about herbs to alleviate anxiety.

Herbs For Anxiety And Depression

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