Herbs For Anxiety

Herbs For Anxiety Herbs for Anxiety

About 40 million Americans suffer from different forms of anxiety disorders. However, less than half of the affected seek or any receive any medical treatment. However, my experience as a certified Master Herbalist has taught me that one can use herbs to soothe anxiety. This article lists several herbs that can be utilized for this purpose.


Used as herbs for anxiety by Pacific Islanders, this drug possesses strong qualities that it uses to fight anxiety. It also cures insomnia, which is closely linked to anxiety. Kava is typically ingested orally and can decrease anxiety after around a month of use. However, pregnant and nursing women are generally advised against taking Kava as herbs for anxiety.


This herb, often drank as a tea, can help boost relaxation, increase general health and significantly decrease anxiety. It is no surprise then that many people use Chamomile as herbs for anxiety to help them get sufficient sleep.


Lavender is renowned for its ability to boost internal serenity without having sedating effects on the user. It fights anxiety by controlling the effects of adrenaline. I have learned, through my advanced studies in herbal medicine, that Lavender essential oil helps relax the muscles, calm panic attacks and boost mental health.

Common Hops

This herb, often used in manufacturing beer, contains sedative properties which make it great for anxiety patients. Research shows that hops helps people feel less stressed and depressed. Hops are commonly used to add flavor to various beverages and other edibles

Lemon Balm

Since the medieval era, people have used this mint to reduce depression, combat anxiety and ameliorate stomach pain, among other uses. Usage of these herbs for anxiety have been known to improve perception, attentiveness and internal calm. It can also be used to spice up your dishes.


Valerian plants have been used as herbs to soothe anxiety and fight insomnia for hundreds of years. They are available both in dry or liquid forms and can be used as a food supplement. It induces anxiety patients to sleep longer and sounder.

The importance of getting expert guidance when seeking herbs for anxiety cannot be overemphasized. With the proper assistance, you can find effective herbs for depression and anxiety. I was certified a Master Herbalist after my herbology studies at The School of Natural Healing. Since then, I have used my knowledge and experience in the field to guide people to choose the best herbs for stress and anxiety. I look forward to helping you in the same way.

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If you wish to achieve optimal health and vitality, there’s no doubt you’d have to pay more attention to what you’re taking in. Unfortunately, most people fail to pay adequate attention to this simple fact. As a master herbalist with decades of experience healing the body with herbs, I’m ready to share what works and what doesn’t. I have an enviable track record of addressing the cause of illnesses, rather than the symptoms. And I can assure you yours won’t be an exception. Book a 30-minute herb and nutrition consultation today, and you’ll be glad you did.

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