Some common herbs & formulas I use

Lavender Oil

Red Raspberry Leaves

Birth Prep Formula

Bladder Formula

Blood Stream Formula

Cayenne Pepper

Comfrey Root


Ear and Nerve Formula


Female Reproductive Formula

Hawthorne Berry Heart Syrup

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula

Herbal Calcium Formula


Tea Tree Oil

Liver and Gallbladder Formula

Lower Bowel Formula

Slippery Elm Bark


Black Cohosh

Garlic Oil

These are just some of  the herbs, oils and formulas I use. There is also an entire line created just for children's specific health needs. Herbal remedies can assist with things like arthritis, skin conditions, ulcers, headaches, prostate issues, bladder problems, menopause, ear infections, osteoporosis, hemorrhaging, infertility, constipation, and so much more...