Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Is elderberry an effective herbal remedy? The berry is famous for one common reason; treating the flu by boosting the immune system. The average adult experiences two episodes of the regular flu each year, and the risk is higher now that we are also dealing with Covid.

Elderberry is high on the list of herbs that can control the flu and combat all the different symptoms that come with it. So should you trust it to starve off your illness?

Everything You Should Know About Elderberry Uses

Elderberry is a round, dark purple fruit that originates from Eastern Europe. It is now a common plant in North America, Africa, and Asia and has spread worldwide because of its reputation to fight cancer-causing properties. The fruit has a rich amount of Vitamin B6, C, and iron, so it is the perfect nutritional supplement and herbal medicine for illnesses that can resolve with a simple boost of the immune system.

Nutritional Benefits of Elderberry

The herb is crucial for boosting the immune system, but do note that it also plays a crucial role in regulating the cardiovascular system. The antioxidants found in the herb play a key role in boosting other systems in the body and contributing to clear skin. Several studies suggest that elderberry is one of the best supplements for colder seasons, like winter, when your body is exposed to conditions that can trigger cold and flu.

Taking it as a daily syrup gives you more benefits than if you were to take it in capsule or gummy form. One daily teaspoon of elderberry syrup is enough to sustain a healthy body and ward off the worst kinds of cold. Read along for more information on the benefits of elderberry.

Benefits Of Taking Regular Elderberry Syrup

Reduces The Signs Of A Cold Or Flu

Remote communities that experienced the flu outbreak of 1999-2000 used elderberry to ease symptoms and rebuild a healthy immune system. It is still a top recommended herbal remedy today, especially for people who need an immunity boost to fight off Covid.

More studies show that it contains cytokines which are proteins that fight off inflammation and support specific cells, which are crucial for a better immune system.

Control Anaemia

Elderberry is high in iron and can be good in boosting the body’s iron content to fight off anemia. Those who suffer from high blood pressure and headaches caused by low iron content can rely on elderberry to provide their body with an abundance of good nutritional content.

This case means that you can also use the syrup in your protein shake for better sports performance.

Supports Brain Health

The dark purple color in elderberry means that it is a good source of chemical elements that effectively protect the brain. We suggest you consult Maui Herbalist for more information on this particular benefit because the brain does need many more nutrients to support different functions and be in tip-top shape.

Are there elderberry side effects? Be careful about using the herb if you expect to get cross-reactivity after continuous use. Who should not take elderberry? Contact us to book a personalized consultation.

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